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Montana Artists Refuge
about the refuge

The Montana Artists Refuge was created by a community of professional artists whose arts include painting, music, writing, photography, pottery, sculpture, and mixed media. The Refuge is designed for self-directed people who come in a spirit of exploration.

Artists All types of artists are welcome. Located in a rural environment, we intend to build a wider, more diversified arts community as well as provide a refuge for artists to relax, create, and rejuvenate away from the hectic pace and pressures of urban life.

The Refuge exists to create a quality environment for artists to work, the opportunity for artistic collaboration in a creative community, and the creation of arts events and educational activities for the Basin community.

Since its inception seven years ago (1993), over 50 artists from 24 states and four nations have stayed at the Refuge. In 1997 the Refuge hosted our first international residents and more followed. This summer (2000) we were joined by a sculptor from Poland, writers from Massachusetts and Connecticut, visual artists from North Carolina and New Hampshire, and composers from Pennsylvania and New York.

Dyott and Hewitt buildings

Housed in two historic brick buildings, the Refuge is located on Main Street in Basin. The town's history is rooted in mining and dates back to the 1860s. Today the town is home to some 300 people.

As artists have explored their passion they have interacted with community members and introduced art as an everyday part of life. At the same time, the relationships they build with people they meet here often bring positive changes to their own lives.

Main Street Basin

The Montana Artists Refuge has created a vital artists' community in this rural setting which includes art exhibitions, live performances and workshops, and fosters community awareness and participation in the arts. There are opportunities for artists to do art shows, concerts, readings and performance pieces, both at the Refuge and at other venues in the 100-mile radius that is our geographic area.

The Refuge brings an enhanced arts presence to the rural community of Basin, and contributes to the economic development of our town and region.

board of directors
and national advisory committee

The Montana Artists Refuge has a Board of Directors consisting of professional artists and others whose expertise--such as financial, organizational, and business knowledge--further the organization's development.

The Board includes representatives from surrounding communities: Basin, Boulder, Butte, and Helena. Board structure includes an Executive Committee consisting of the officers, and formalized and ad hoc committees--which use both board members and volunteers. Day-to-day office operations and administration of residencies is handled by an on-site Administrative Coordinator.

A National Advisory Committee of professional artists and arts administrators and supporters acts as a national advocate for the Refuge and assists with strategic planning and fundraising.

Board of Directors
July 2000
Joy Lewis, President - Basin
Anne Appleby, Vice President - Jefferson City
Linda Reed, Treasurer - Helena
M.J. Williams - Basin
Nan Parsons - Basin
James Dorr Johnson - Butte
Karen Davidson - Basin
Jennifer Pryor - Boulder
Nancy Oyer - Butte

See our resources page for links to sites about current and past board members, current and past residents, and other interesting people associated with the Refuge.

National Advisory Committee
Debra Earling - Montana
Ed Gilbert - California
Jon Barlow Hudson - Ohio
Michael Jorgensen - New York
Jan Strout - Washington
Ted Vogel- Oregon

The Montana Artists Refuge is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

The Montana Artists Refuge does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, or sexual orientation.

Montana Artists Refuge
P.O. Box 8
Basin, Montana 59631
(406) 225-3500

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